Friday, July 6, 2012

The Mascara Vault: Kat Von D's Sinful Lash

 It's one thing to want that perfect lash, but personally, I find mascara to be an addiction. I'm always eager to try new ones out, whether they be drugstrore or high-end. I'm on the quest for the perfect look. And even when I find one I love... I keep going back for more.

 Here's my first mascara review of a high-end product. Retailing at $19, available only at Sephora stores: Kat Von D's Sinful Lash mascara.

 I'm a huge sucker for pretty much anything with Kat Von D's name on it. She does what she does well. I watched her on tattoo shows growing up and as I grew older and got into makeup, she launched her line with Sephora. The packaging for all of her products are beautiful! It's her own art on everything, and I think that's the coolest thing. The brush for this mascara is absolutely huge.

Excuse my crazy eye, it helped show the mascara.

 The first thing I noticed about this mascara was how wet of a formula it is! Much too wet, in my own opinion. Not the kind of gross gloppy wet that's a mess, but the can't hold a curl because it's so wet... wet. Honestly, I left the lid slightly unscrewed overnight to let it dry out a bit, and I believe that was the key! The big brush separates the lashes very well, except the bottom lash line is extremely hard to work with due to the massive sized brush. The mascara adds decent length. Believe it or not, this gives a surprisingly nature finish to the lashes. For a KVD product, I expected big, bold and dramatic lashes. Removal was very easy with eyemakeup remover. While I do like this mascara, I do not love it. And for the price, I would not repurchase it. This is probably the first and only KVD product that I'm not head over heels in love with. 

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